Enjoy the final installment of this wacky adventure.

Personally, I’ve never crimed, but I do love a story. Tell me the worst thing you’ve ever done in the comments below. I DARE you.


Also, this is my 100th comic! Weeeeeeeee! I want to dedicate this strip to my girlfriend Allison, who has probably scanned about 80 of my comics in the last few months. Without her, I’d still be using the piece of shit scanner I have at work, and your eyes would suffer for it. If you don’t believe me, look at my first 20 or so comics… your eyes will bleed in anguish.

She’s also been the most supportive of me in this endeavor. She’s had to listen to my incessant worrying, my constant admissions of self doubt, and even my insane creative outbursts. And on top of that, she continues to push me, making me think critically of my work and inspiring me to do better. Anyways, to stop myself from sounding even gayer, I’ll just leave it at this funny thing I done drawed.