So yesterday was kind of a cool day, O2E’s one year anniversary to be exact, and I felt it necessary to write up a little posty-doo about it. If I had told Past Matt that in 2013 I will have written and drawn almost 200 webcomics and put them up on a website of my own creation, and that some people will actually READ it outside of my friends and family, I’m sure I would have called Future Matt a liar to my face. I wouldn’t put it past me. (Man, verb tense in time travel scenarios is tricky) So I guess I just want to thank everyone that has supported the comic in their own way, whether it be with friendly comments, spreading the word, or just smiling at the silly things I draw. YOU. You make it awesome.

Oh, and a huge thanks to my friends Alex and Zack that supported me in the beginning (also the only two recurring male characters you ever really see in the comic, besides myself), and to my girlfriend Allison, who has personally scanned every single webcomic you have ever read of mine into a computer. Without her, surely O2E would be a hollow husk of a comic, blithering like a madman on some street corner in that part of Brooklyn you’ve only been to once because a friend you kinda like forced you to go with her to meet some guy she met on craigslist as back up in case he turns out to be the scary kind of crazy and not the artistic kind.