This is based on a real life ATTACK on me and my girlfriend a couple weeks back. We awoke one muggy summer night to the sounds of buzzing and the scritch scratch of the two of us clawing away at our injured bodies, desperate for sweet relief. To my horror, I had left the window slightly ajar at the top, sans window screen. In my error I had let loose the demon horde into my quiet sanctuary.

It was traumatizing. I spent the next hour, sometime around 4am, finding and destroying every damn mosquito in that room. The worst part is that they must have been feasting for some time, because each death was a tiny explosion of our recently ingested blood.

It was a gruesome scene, one even the most grisly of blood spatter analysts would have found difficult to stomach.


On a different note, faaaaaaaaaaceboooooooooook. eh? eh?

Oh and also, twwwwiiiiiiitttteeerrrrrrrrr. eh? eh? EH?