So for my 50th comic (holds for applause) I thought I’d introduce my first long form comic. Expect more of these in the future (maybe once a week-ish). Of course, since this is a special occasion, I also thought this would be a perfect time to discuss the coolest looking bug on the planet.

Now, if you’ve ever been to the internet, then you probably already know the Tardigrade, or Water Bear, or even more colloquially, the Bad Ass Mutha. But for those that don’t, I wanna tell you something. The Tardigrade can survive in the vacuums of space. It can also go without water for ten years. They can survive temperatures that range from near absolute zero to 305 degrees F, and they can withstand 1,000 times more radiation than other animals.

The Bear Mite is cooler than you, its cooler than your friends, its cooler than your mom, and its definitely cooler than John Travolta in Grease… maybe.


Here is a video. So cute!

And of course, its Wiki page.